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Forging Worlds through Art History

Game-Changing Workshops for Game Creators & Studios

Dive into the fascinating world of Art History and fire up your game design spark!


My workshops blend art, architecture and games, giving you a deep understanding of artistic and architectural, cultural and historical references and methodologies for creating visually stunning games and narratives. 


Explore the transformative power of Art History, from classic masterpieces to contemporary movements, and learn how to apply it to your game projects. 


Add an art historical perspective to your game design by booking a theme or customized workshop now!


Lootbox Art:History

Insert topic here...

The idea is simple: you throw in a topic of your choice at the top and get an impulse workshop at the bottom!

Perfect if you are looking for fresh ideas, inspiration and perspectives for a specific topic area of ​​your game project.

It's also a good opportunity to see what practically applied art history can do for games, narrative and lore design.

Based on years of experience, research and mediation, I can offer the following subject areas:


Art (painting, sculpture, design) Architecture
History & Events
Religion & Theology
Political Structures
Culture & Rituals
Fantasy & Science Fiction

Duration: 1.5 hours plus Q&A and break | Online via Zoom | Costs: 280 Euros, plus 19% VAT.

Customized Workshops

A workshop tailored to your needs and with the right topics for your game project! Including Q&A and breaks.

Thematically, we can combine (almost) everything from the above-mentioned areas that fits your game and contributes to your world, environment, narrative and lore designs.

The costs depend on the duration (from two hours to two weeks), scope and content.

Let us talk about your individual workshop in a free call!

Themed Workshops

Thematically prepared workshops lasting three hours. There are also Q&A and breaks.

The themes can be adapted to your project using the add-on!

What to expect?

The workshops give a well-founded and informative overview of the topic with many examples and references. Classical methods of art history will be combined with practical aspects for games.


And it is also about exchange and discussion on the own perception of art, architecture, history and culture as well as their importance for worldbuilding and narrative design of games.


In-depth input + twitch-style discussions + lots of wooooow!

Take-aways of the workshops

Among other things and with much more:

  • Obtain a thematic overview with new starting points and perspectives

  • Learn terms and new sources for reference materials

  • Spark your creativity with inspiration from the past and present

Workshops & GameSight Touren
For whom?

  • Game studios working on a project

  • Game studios looking for inspiration and new perspectives

  • Local MeetUps and networks searching for an unique event

  • Conferences searching for engaging side events and networking events

  • Universities & academies looking for educational and fun events for their students

  • Game developers, artists and gaame-enthusiasts


Introductory meetings, workshop or tour planning, consultation requests, questions & exchange in general

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