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Gamesights Tours

Guided Tours with Gaming Aspects

Guided Tours for Game Creators

Let your creativity run wild with these unique tours! Explore the rich history and architectural wonders of your city and connect them to the world of gaming. 


Explore the hidden treasures of your city from a game development perspective. Fire up your creative imagination and gain new perspectives on architecture, art, and urban planning. 


My tours combine the best of both worlds, offering game developers an inspiring mix of historical knowledge and narrative design perspective.


Find new inspiration for your game design, share ideas with your team and like-minded developers, and enrich your vision of virtual worlds. 


Explore cities with me like never before!

  • Several Options

    2 Std.

    From 640 euros
  • 2h/4h/8h

    2 Std.

    From 330 euros

What are you expecting?

Version A


A classic guided tour of your city with highlights and specialties.


But with a twist: we combine the experience with aspects of visual worldbuilding and narrative design. 

Version B


Based on your project's setting, we discover architecture, places, art and design.


We combine history, (visual) impact and possibilities with inspiration and broad references for your game project.

Take-aways der Touren

While exploring the rich history, art and architecture of your city, we also look at them with the following (and more) questions in mind:

  • What impact does architecture have on people, atmosphere and worldbuilding?

  • How can we create deep, convincing and authentic worlds?

  • How and where can I find references and inspiration for my project?

Workshops & GameSight Touren
For whom?

  • Game studios working on a project

  • Game studios looking for inspiration and new perspectives

  • Local MeetUps and networks searching for an unique event

  • Conferences searching for engaging side events and networking events

  • Universities & academies looking for educational and fun events for their students

  • Game developers, artists and gaame-enthusiasts


Introductory meetings, workshop or tour planning, consultation requests, questions & exchange in general

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