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Art History for
Game Development

Worldbuilding, Narrative, Lore and more

Unlock new







Enriching Worlds and Stories with
Art Historical Insights

Welcome to the world of limitless imagination and compelling narratives in the gaming industry. As a consulting Art Historian specializing in games, I bring a unique perspective that can enrich your game.

Ignite your game's potential with the expertise of an art historian. Imagine a world where rich narratives intertwine seamlessly with awe-inspiring visuals, captivating players and leaving a lasting impression.

Whether you need assistance in crafting visually stunning environments or developing intricate storylines rooted in historical depth, my freelance services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Together, we will infuse your game with the magic of art and history.


With my extensive knowledge of Art History and its impact on worldbuilding, narrative and storytelling, I can help you create compelling and visually stunning game worlds. With my broad knowledge of different art movements, cultures, and historical periods, I can help you create detailed, authentic, and believable environments that will resonate with players.

But that's not all. Beyond art, architecture, and aesthetics, I can also bring new perspectives and valuable references to the narrative design of your game. By delving into the rich history of historical events, legends, and myths, I can help you weave intricate storylines that will captivate players and keep them engaged throughout their gaming experience.

Whether you're developing an epic fantasy realm or a bleak dystopian future, my experience as a consulting Art Historian for the game industry can help unlock the full potential of your game world and narrative. Let's work together to bring your vision to life and immerse gamers in unforgettable gaming experiences that go far beyond the screen.

Discover the power of Art History in the game. Contact me today to find out how I can help you create worlds and stories that will take players' breath away and turn your vision into an unforgettable gaming experience.



By analyzing and interpreting art styles, aesthetics, and design options, I can help create visually stunning and coherent worlds that transport players to different historical eras or fantastical worlds. My deep understanding of artistic methods and cultural contexts will add an authentic and engaging touch to your games.

Historical Persuasiveness


I research historical eras and events relevant to your game's setting, characters, or story, ensuring consistency and accurate references. By seamlessly incorporating historical details, your games will give players a deeper understanding of the worlds they explore.

Worldbuilding, Narrative & Lore Design 


Building immersive game worlds and crafting compelling narratives are essential components of any successful game. I can work with your team to develop stunning settings and intriguing storylines that engage players on an emotional level, using historical insight to create depth and resonance.

Art-related Community Management


With a focus on art-related activities, I can contribute to the growth of your gaming community. This includes organizing virtual or physical art exhibitions, coordinating events that celebrate the connection between art and gaming, and fostering a sense of belonging and engagement within your community. I develop custom strategies to increase community engagement through art-related content, discussions, and activities.

New References

  • Research on historical and cultural contexts

  • Creation of visual bibles, reference boards, style guides from an art historical point of view

  • Reference images & inspiration for the individual departments

Get new reference materials and context for the look and feel of your game. This is especially interesting for concept art, quests, levels and environments.


But art and culture are also a profitable source of inspiration for other areas.

New Perspectives

  • Lectures with overviews, background information on the current project and, above all, inspiration for your team

  • Workshops on individual topics and methods that are helpful for all areas of game design

  • Excursions to experience art and architecture live and in color as a team

Draw from thousands of years of stories, epochs and styles.

Art history offers an extensive toolbox of new methods, sources and perspectives on narrative and visual worldbuilding.

New Experiences

  • New approaches to the design of atmosphere & mood and spatial perception

  • Art history as part of a complex world building

  • Marketing campaigns and community events using game art and lore

You don't only have lasting, lasting experiences in the game itself.


Appealing, innovative combinations of game, lore, art and culture create exciting experiences for marketing and the community.

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