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Live Action Video Podcasts

On Twitch.

At the moment not regurlarly but by announcement.

Welcome to United Imagination, the Live Action Video Podcast for Fantasy & Science Fiction Art! 🎙️🍿🎥

Here we explore the vast and fascinating worlds of fantasy & science fiction through the perspective of art, culture, history in all media. 

From literature & film to video games & comics, we delve into the creative and imaginative worlds of these genres to understand their meaning and impact on our reality. 


Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to fantasy & science fiction, there's something here for everyone. 


Join us on this journey through the multiverse of fantasy & science fiction! 🥳

In German; with topics, talks & In game tours!


Applied Art History for Game Devs

(and everyone else)

Join us on an enlightening journey where art history meets the world of gaming. Introducing: Applied Art History, an engaging video podcast that explores the profound impact of art history on worldbuilding, (visual) narrative, and storytelling in games.


Prepare to travel through time and space as we unravel the threads that connect art, history, and games. Stay tuned for Applied Art History, coming soon to enlighten, entertain, and expand your understanding of the compelling synergy between art history and games.

In English; Tutorial, Q&A and Art Meditation!

The next Streams

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