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Background & Mission

Art Historian. On Twitch. Streams about art, religion and worldbuilding in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

How does something like this happen?

Since June 2022, this project has been constantly evolving. In the process, the classic formats from art and culture education are critically questioned. Together with the community, I develop my own approaches to cultural forms of expression such as video games, films, series, digital art and comics. Or we update classic formats by transferring them into the new worlds, digital as well as analog.



In doing so, I follow two focal points: 


- to show the artistic and cultural significance of fantasy, of games and of digital art together with their roots in art and culture of the past


- to rethink the mediation of art and culture: at eye level, with people and not for them, with appreciation for those who create art and those who experience it.



That is why this is a live action video podcast.




Direct and authentic: Each episode is streamed live on Twitch. There is prepared input, but no script. Together we discover the artworks, themes and motifs. Every evening is special and unpredictable.




Exchange at eye level: Since it is a livestream, everyone can participate in the conversations, discussions and reflections. This is not only possible, but absolutely desired! Discover the new and old worlds together, explore questions together and gain new insights.




We live in a visual world. Images in the broadest sense shape our reality. The roots of many of today's media and works lie in the art and culture of the past. The visual has accompanied people since time immemorial and usually says more than a thousand words. Moreover, it is nice to see a counterpart in the common art experience.




Is it a podcast? I don't know, but it's pretty close. It also gives people a better idea of what we do every Tuesday and Thursday.

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